Forex Pips Striker Indicator

This system is suitable for merchants of the trend, the interface is also quite clearly the following three indicators; The wave signal: the arrow down, indicating that the production of this new trend or tendency weakened; Trend: the market red wave, the green screen is a bull market. Wave resistance: the intensity of the current trends, more than columns of the most trend; Appearance: If the trend on the front of the wave of signals, 80% of the positions of the Board; According to the trends in the sign against the closure of the remaining 20% of forex pips striker indicator the positions; Bonus: an indicator of the supply and demand, which many use this flag with good results, then it is time to share '. ' is all about supply and demand. On the most common Stonger bar signal. This latest version II with many areas of supply and demand + FIBO ' tool. the indicator of demand and consist of mq4 and ex4 Readme file. You have 2 items in this procurement. .